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Egg Poacher – Skoo Silicone Egg Poaching Cups + Lids + Ebook – Egg Cooker Set – Perfect Poached Egg Maker – For Stove Top, Microwave And Instant Pot (Green, Red, Yellow, Turquoise, Dark Blue) —

Skoo : Features: Introducing The Unique Design: Skoo 4 Silicone Egg Poacher Cups Including 4 Lids – If Youve Been Looking For A Versatile Egg Poachers Set, Then Your Search Is Over! Thats Because Our Product Works Perfect On Stove Top, Microwave And Instant Pot As Well, Which Means That You Don’T Need Another Kitchen Gadget And You’Ll Get The Job Done, Every Time, Guaranteed! – Kraft Package And Instructions Included.,Vents In The Base, Unmatched Performance & Safety! The Problem With Other Silicone Egg Poaching Cups Is They Have Round Bottom, Small Capacity, Flimsy Material, No Handles At All. We Solved These Problems! Why? Thats Because Our Poacher Has Them All And The Silicone Is Sturdy, Well Made, Dishwasher Safe, Easy To Store.,Generously Sized, Including Handles, Lids For Microwave Use, Vents In The Base For Stove Top Use – Complete Superior Set – Quick, Easy & Safe To Use & Clean, Ebook Including 10 Delicious Recipes – Variety Of Uses: This Perfect Poached Egg Maker Can Be Used To Poach Eggs And Also To Melt Chocolate, Steam Vegetables, For Cakes, Desserts Or Jelly Molds. Skoo Egg Cookers Are High Grade Heat Resistant To 446F/ 230C.,Practical & Effective! How To Use Skoo Egg Poaching Cups On Stove Top? The Egg Is Cracked Into A Cup, And Then Gently Slide Into A Pot With 1 Inch Of Water At Approximately 75 Celsius. Once Placed On The Bottom Of The Pot , Cover With A Lid And It Will Take About Five Minutes Until Is Cooked And The Egg White Has Mostly Solidified, But The Yolk Remains Soft. The Perfect Poached Egg Has A Runny Yolk, With A Hardening Crust And No Raw White Remaining.,Trusted & Functional, Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantee – No Questions Asked In Case Of Refund. Please Don’T Hesitate To Reach Out To Us If You Have Any Issues With Your Purchase – We’Re Here To Help!


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